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Monday, April 6, 2020


A Caring Place - All Breed Dog Rescue is a foster based organization so that means we do not have a building or facility space.  We only take in owner surrendered dogs and puppies when a foster home suitable for that particular animal is available. Additionally, the dog must be of sound temperament and not have a history of aggression and/or biting. The time for your giving up an animal will vary due to the uncertainty of adoptions. Relinquishment only occurs when a foster care provider has been secured, not before, and is done by appointment only.

A Caring Place receives dogs or puppies from current pet owners who wish to relinquish their animal, as well as takes in strays from good Samaritans. We ask that the dog be current on annual inoculations, be free of heartworm disease, and be spayed/neutered. If this is not possible, a relinquishment fee will be requested to help defray those costs so that we may place the dog up for adoption. 

This organization has the right to accept or deny any dog or puppy, based on this rescue's criteria for admittance. Please note that your dog must be social with people and other dogs, and be deemed handlable by the vet and our organization to be placed through our adoption program. We do not accept feral/wild animals for adoption, nor dogs or puppies with a history of biting people.


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