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Monday, August 15, 2022

SAVING LIVES - Become a Foster Care Provider

Every day in the United States, thousands of dogs and puppies sit in dog pounds, animal control facilities, and sheltering agencies waiting for rescue. For most, it never comes. But there are "the lucky ones" who get a second chance when they are rescued by a sheltering organization like A Caring Place. There is a never-ending source of dogs and cats needing rescue. Since we are exclusively foster based, we cannot save a life without someone opening their home to an animal in need.  Therefore, A Caring Place Humane Society is always seeking people to become a foster care provider.

Foster Care Providers open their home to a dog or puppy in need and treat it as if it were their own until its adopted. Fosters provide the dog/puppy indoor living, a bedding area, daily food and water, exercise, and loving care. Our fosters often help a dog heal from neglect or illness, and sometimes even abuse.

Yes, it can be hard to give up the dog you foster. BUT our fosters quickly learn that they make the difference between life and death for the dogs we rescue. They know that more are in dire need of rescue and that their greatest gift is the goodbye. They send their foster dogs to their forever homes so they can again open their home up for the next animal in need.



As you consider fostering for us, we’ll need to learn about you, your lifestyle and the animals in your home. We will review your foster application as well as discuss with you what types of dogs you are comfortable living with and managing and what experience you’ve had with dogs and puppies. Because of this process, we are better able to match a potential foster animal with you.


One of our responsibilities is to learn about you, the animals in your home, and your lifestyle by reviewing your fostering application as well as and discussing with you how much experience you have with dogs or puppies, and what types of dogs you are comfortable living with and managing. Because of this process, we are able to match potential foster animals with you. Granted, nothing is perfectly, but we work diligently with you to help you and the fostered dog succeed.


The Dog Program Director selects dogs who are in need of rescue from the dog pounds, animal shelters, and animal control agencies that we work with regularly, that match the criteria of the available foster homes.

Before being placed in your home, the rescued dog will go to one of our approved veterinarians for a full veterinary examination, vaccinations, testing and treatment for diseases and parasites, is neutered or spayed, and micro-chipped. Fosters are never responsible for these veterinary costs. We will alert you to any special needs the dog may have and together decide whether this dog’s placement in your home is a good choice.


Your new foster dog is transferred to you, along with fostering supplies: crate, bowl, toys, chewing toys, leash, collar, and identification tag. A Caring Place asks that the foster provide the food.

Additionally, an Adoption Counselor is assigned to you to answer your questions, provide guidance and trouble shooting, and eventually is responsible for interviewing any applicants interested in the fostered dog and determining who adopts him/her. Because you will get to know the dog’s behaviors and personality, you will be asked to provide a "bio" and pictures for the dog which will be posted on the internet at over a dozen pet adoption web sites.


When you are fostering a dog or puppy for A Caring Place, we ask that you do the following:

  1. Treat the dog as if it were your own, providing it access to clean water, giving it wholesome food twice a day, taking it outside to eliminate regularly (4-6 times daily), and providing it a "bed" spot of its own;
  2. Work on house-breaking, appropriate home manners, and good leash manners;
  3. Take the dog/puppy to our veterinarian when needed for medical attention or required vetting;
  4. Participate and bring the dog, or make it available, to our adoption showings at PetSmart, Petco, or other venue;
  5. Collaborate with the Adoption Counselor assigned to you for private showings when we have an applicant for the fostered dog; and,
  6. Provide updates to the assigned Adoption Counselor on your foster dog’s progress.


Fostering does require dedication on your part, but if you are like our current fosters, the rewards of fostering a dog/puppy will far outweigh the inconveniences. You will witness the dog’s general health improve; they gain needed weight, their coat becomes shiny again, and, best of all, their sprit heals.

Feel how incredibly rewarding it is to temporarily share your life with an animal who would have otherwise not made it out of the pound alive. You will know you have impacted that dog’s life when your foster dog looks at you in a very special way and you know they just said "Thank you for caring about me."


So many dogs and puppies need our immediate help because they are out of time at the pounds, animal control facilities, and kill shelters.

Please contact us today by calling 630-375-7976 or by emailing us at acaringplace@comcast.net. You can also complete the foster questionnaire/application on this website. Once we have received your application, a Director will contact you by telephone to review our fostering program, answer your questions, and set up a time to do a home visit. Our foster director will work with you to establish an appropriate foster dog; she will give you an idea of the timing of when you’ll take in your first foster.

You can make a difference for the life of an animal.
PLEASE pledge your help today; the animals are waiting!


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