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Monday, August 15, 2022



We are currently showing our dogs and puppies by appointments or at special events. Showings are performed after submission of our Adoption Application and an interview by the assigned Adoption Counselor. Please note that showings at Petco, PetSmart, or other venues are for viewing and application only. We do not adopt off of the showing floor because part of our application/adoption process includes a home inspection/visit.


  1. Contact A Caring Place: Let us know your interest in a particular dog by contacting us via email (acaringplace@comcast.net) or voicemail (630-375-7976). Please be sure to provide a phone number that we can use to call you back.
  2. Learning More: The Adoption Counselor assigned to the dog that you have contacted us about will contact you to share answer your questions, explain how our application process works, and provide you with more detailed information on the dog.
  3. Make Application: Complete and submit our Adoption Application which is available through this website.
  4. Reviewing Your Application and Interview: Once your application is received, the Adoption Counselor assigned to that particular dog will review your application; she will then contact you to learn more about you and your household, get clarification about answers on the application, and learn more specifically how you will care for the specific dog you are interested in adopting. Please keep in mind that there may be other applications on the same dog you are interested in adopting.
  5. Meet 'n Greet: If the Adoption Counselor and you think that the dog is a good match the Adoption Counselor will set up an appointment so that you can meet the dog. If you have other pets in the home, the meeting most likely will take place in your home.
  6. Home Visit/Inspection: For the safety of the dog, a home inspection is required.
  7. Thinking About It Overnight: After the showing, we ask you to take the night to determine if the dog is the right dog for your household by taking a little bit of time to reflect on the meeting with the dog; the Counselor will do the same.
  8. Contact Us: Let the Adoption Counselor know if you would like to pursue the adoption.
  9. Adoption Counselor’s Decision: The Adoption Counselor will evaluate all of the applicants to determine which household she feels is the best suited for the dog. She will contact you to notify you of her decision.

Because most of the animals we take in have had at least one home already, we choose to adopt only to those individuals who are willing to make a permanent, life-long commitment to the animal. Our goal is to place the dog into the household that best meets the needs of that particular dog. We are looking to help you make a good decision for your family/household, as well as for the dog.

The Timing

Our application and adoption process usually takes about one week’s time - sometimes less - because of the need to coordinate everyone’s schedule including the adoption counselor, the foster care provider, and yours. If you are in a hurry to adopt, then we recommend you look for a dog at a humane society or shelter that houses dogs in a facility. You will be able to look at a lot of dogs in a short amount of time.

Adoption Fees

Yes, there is a required adoption fee for each dog adopted. A Caring Place must charge an adoption fee to recoup a portion of the cost we incur for veterinary care provided to the dogs in our adoption program. Our veterinarians have raised their prices again and we are forced to raise our adoption fee to cover as much of our veterinary expenses per dog.

  • Adult mixed breed dogs - $350
  • Adult purebred and designed dogs- $375
  • Puppies - $400

These adoption fee includes, at a minimum, the following veterinary care for each dog:

  • examination by a licensed veterinarian;
  • spay or neuter;
  • Distemper combination vaccination;
  • Rabies vaccination
  • fecal and appropriate deworming;
  • testing for Heartworm Disease;
  • monthly parasite preventative while in foster care; and,
  • microchip.

In addition to the above vetting, some of our dogs receive additional veterinary care including blood panels, dentals, ear or skin infection treatment, medications, treatment for infections, radiographs, heartworm disease treatment, surgery, or even orthopedic care. Because adoption fees most often do not cover the cost of the veterinary care put into the dogs, we are always in need of additional monies. Please consider making a donation to help us help the animals.

*Adoption fee subject to change.


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